Jan 2018 Sponsor

Scott Parker of Feherty Travel

Tel: 028 91 27 0717    |    Email: office@fehertytravel.co.uk

Your holiday time is very precious and getting it right is critical. Feherty Travel would be honoured if you were to share with us your expectations and allow us to use our extensive experience to create your perfect holiday.

Our Annual Travel Show will be held at the Clandeboye Lodge on Monday 8th January 2018 from 7pm to 10pm.  There will be over 30 Travel Suppliers and 3 Specialist presentations on the evening.  No ticket or booking required.

We only use companies who are reputable and reliable and share a like mind in service and expertise.

We offer private appointments during or out of hours – in our office or in your own home if you wish.

Please contact us and let us do the work in building a dream for you.